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3D finishing

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Finishing different products simultaneous

Innofa’s state of the art finishing line enables zonal application of

different functional products

1. Front and Back

Different products

Our newest finishing process enables to finish

for example an antimicrobial finish on the face

and an FR product on the back of the fabric

Front and Back image

2. Left and Right

Head to foot different finishes

With this new technology we enable the application

of different functional finishes from the head to the foot of the mattress.

Or introduce differentiated zone specific cooling properties.


Left and Right image

3. More Bulky Fabric

Our proprietary finishing solution prevents the use of traditional fabric compressing padding application.

3D finishing application applies products on the surface of a fabric

and increases the bulk of the fabric.

More Bulky Fabric image

4. Reduce Cost

By applying the zonal applications a more efficient use of functional finishes can be applied.

Reduce Cost image