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Functional finishing

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Finishing different products simultaneous

Innofa’s state of the art finishing line enables zonal application of

different functional products

1. 3D Finishing

3D Finishing

Our newest finishing process enables to finish

for example an antimicrobial finish on the face

and an FR product on the back of the fabric

3D Finishing image

2. Activated Graphene Cooling Finish

Activated cooling effect

Best in class PCM technology to offer instant and prolonged cooling, enhancing thermal and dry comfort. Based on hydro-functional biobased polymers.
Boosted with graphene to take advantage of the superconductive properties.


Activated Graphene Cooling Finish image

3. Viro Safe Antimicrobial finish

Innofa’s finish has proven effective against human coronavirus (HCoV-229E)* in face mask testing,

significantly reducing viral and bacterial infectivity on contact

* The coronavirus tested is the Human coronavirus 229E and not the Covid-19


Viro Safe Antimicrobial finish image

4. FIR properties

Far Infrared Properties introduced to our textiles by a durable encapsulated solution.

Improved circulation and increased muscle and tissue oxygenation for health, performance, and recovery.

FIR properties image