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About our textiles

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About our textiles

With a wide variety of circular knit machines we offer standard Jacquard knits, double selection knits and ultra wide fabrics.
Our design teams are ready to service you with high experience and devotion developing the neatest top-panel fabric or border knit fabric. Our innovated pressure-less finishing applications create the highest flexible fabric with the best touch in the market.

1. The softest fabrics in the market

With our custom-engineered new finishing application, Innofa engineered the best possible way to enhance the flexibility, drape and handle of the fabrics. This results in the softest fabric in the industry.

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2. Bulkier fabric

With our special engineered application we do not squeeze the fabric at all. Enhancing this way the bounciness and thickness of the fabric.

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3. Coolest fabric

The combination of cooling yarns and best applied phase change materials creates the highest cool to the touch experience for the best value.

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Our textiles

From concept to upscaled product

Mattress cover with abstract diamond pattern
Mattress cover with abstract pattern
Mattress cover with abstract squar pattern
Mattress cover with abstract light and dark pattern
Mattress cover with pattern
Mattress cover with abstract striped pattern